Frank Pisano

Current School

St Brendan-Shaw College

Previous Position

Deputy Principal

First Year as a Principal


The hope for my current school is

For us to continue to live into our vision of being a vibrant Catholic community with a generosity of Human Spirit.

The Joy of Principalship is

Being able to influence the culture of a school through policies and procedures that are authentically Catholic, respecting and recognising the dignity of every member of the school.

A Book I would recommend

Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead

Fun Fact about me

I enjoy cooking

My valued Well-Being Strategy

Advice for a Beginning Principal

Seek advice, have confidence in yourself, keep a strong sense of purpose as a moral compass, talk to your colleagues, take time out to relax, develop your filters in making decisions around students eg “family, factory, jungle,cathedral” to maintain a balanced approach.

Inspiring Leadership Quote

“Everyone thinks that they can do your job better than you ….. until they have to dot it”.  (Teddy Roosevelt’s is much more eloquent than me - see his Man in the Arena speech.)

What title would you give to your TED Talk or Book

Humour - pathway to sanity

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